Put down the phone and take a break from the many back-and-forth emails and calls from clients!!

Make more money and reduce operating costs with a streamlined appointment management and scheduling software that gives you not just another scheduling software but also goes extra mile to give you more control over your time, money and costs.

Get to know your clients better with customer support features that will increase your client-retention rate and attract more clients to you.

With our simple and streamlined calendar that looks good and adaptable to all screen sizes, you and your clients will have a great event scheduling and appointment booking experience.

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Before we start boring you with the details, here are what SortedTime gives you in a nutshell:

  • Group/Class Services and Subscription Management

  • Online Service Store

  • Add-On Services

  • Coupons and Tips

  • One-time and Recurring Events/Appointments

  • Client Self-Booking

  • Automatic TimeZone Adjustment

  • Appointment Reassignment and Task Management

  • Forms Creation and Management

  • Seamless Data Export and Import

  • Client Live Chat Support

  • Automatic Notifications and Reminders

  • Google Calendar Integration

  • Google GMail Integration

  • Private SMTP Email Support

Make more Money with Group Services

Let your clients enroll in your classes/group events and pay periodic subscription fees as long as the class/event is still active. Synchronize your clients' subscription start and end dates with your event's or class' start and end dates. Our subscription/membership management is so efficient that each client's subscription starts from the next class start date in a series of classes.

Your clients could unsubscribe at anytime and once they do that, they are automatically removed from your subscription list for that specific class/event. Our goal is to remove bulk of your administrative tasks such that you'll only focus on doing what you know how to do best (that is delivering your services) instead of worrying about payment processing, administration, and all the associated unforeseen miscellaneous tasks. Accept subscription payments with PayStack or Stripe Connect.

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Coupons, Tips, task management, integration and more..

Calendar Integration

You, your staff, and clients can integrate your Google calendar with a click of a button. We will update your Google calendar as you create, delete and modify your events.

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GoTo Meeting Integration

Integrate your GoTo Meeting with one button click. SortedTime will automatically schedule meetings on your behalf as your appointments are confirmed.

Forms Creation

Get all you need from clients during booking including documents and file attachments. You can show your created forms based on appointment type (recurring or one-time) to your clients during booking. Also create and display forms to your staff during registration.

Coupons and Tips

Let your clients tip you based on percentage of total amount in their service cart or a specific amount. Increase your revenue with Coupons. Create coupons and set their expirations in your portal and then share your coupons with your clients and potential clients.

Avoid Service Loss with Appointment Reassignment and Task Management

Appointment reassignment allows you and your staff to reassign appointments among yourselves. An issue might crop up for a staff that could make him/her unavailable for an upcoming appointment. He/she could reassign that appointment to another staff depending on that staff's availability.

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Reduce No-Shows with Automatic Notifications and Reminders

Get notified and even have your SortedTime and Google calendars automatically updated as clients and staff create/modify their appointments and events respectively. Your clients are also notified as changes are made to their appointments.

Create your own email messages with our richtext editor. Include your company colors and logo in your email messages. Personalize your emails with our client-info-tags with which you can address your client by name in your email for example.

Keep your Time well-sorted with One-time and Recurring Events/Appointments

You and your clients can schedule/book one-time or recurring events/appointments with ease and more control. You can choose to repeat your events yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, or on specific days of the week

You can also give gaps to your repeating events. For example you could repeat an event every other week

Specify when your repeating event will end. You may also exclude or include certain dates in the repeating series. For example you may want to exclude or include national holidays in your repeating events

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Gain more happy clients with Client Self-Booking by individual pros in your team

SortedTime allows your clients to book and even pay by themselves. They could see the availability of individual professionals in your team and complete their booking.

Appointment booking by individual professionals in your team gives your clients better booking experience.

The provided rating feedback gives your clients a window of opportunity to provide valuable feedback on not just you, but also on each member of your team.

Your clients could see each professional's availability instantly.

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Increase Sales Conversion with Client Live Chat Support

Increase your sales conversion with your very own live chat support in your appointment booking portal

Why not play with the big guys without paying extra for it by adding instant live chat support for your clients in their portal. Yes we have that for you at no additional cost.

Your client might have an urgent question just before booking. We got you covered.

Your live chat is also responsive and adaptable to different screen sizes including mobile devices.

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Upsell your Clients with Add-On Services

Increase your sales with add-on services to specific services in your store.

Add-On products are no longer the exclusive reserve of Non-service products. You can now attach add-on services to each service in your service store.

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Make your Services more visible with your Online Service Store

Responsive and device-adaptable online service store for you.

Online store and checkout carts are no longer just for product sellers. Service providers like you can now have your own online service store where your clients could search services by name and price and then add selected services to their service cart and then confirm their booking.

Accept initial deposit, full payment or no payment on client self-checkout. Like we said, you are fully in control at SorTedTime.

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Keep Track of your business' performance in your Report Dashboard

Quickly view your report dashboard to track your sales and other performance metrics. You could even track your daily sales and sales by periods.

Compare your current sales and previous sales by periods to quickly see how you are doing.

Cancellation reports, feedbacks and much more are available for your perusal in the report dashboard.

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