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Welcome to SortedTime, an Appointment Booking and Event Scheduling web application. SortedTime is a B2B software as a service application that provides cloud-based appointment booking and event scheduling/management services to service-oriented businesses worldwide. Our SAAS application also provides value to our customers by integrating external services like Google Calendar. Below are the services we are currently integrating and how we use data involved:

Google Calendar

We let our customers enable the synchronization of their Google calendar service with their SortedTime calendar. We use the provided access token after successful integration to create, update, and delete only events they created in their SortedTime calendar. Additionally we allow our customers’ registered clients to integrate their Google Calendar with SortedTime Calendar to enable synchronization of only appointments they booked via SortedTime.

Google Gmail

We allow our customers to use their Gmail accounts for automatic delivery of their scheduled email messages. Once successfully enabled and access token received, we only deliver the scheduled email messages and nothing more.

PayPal and Stripe

To enable our customers to receive payments from their clients, we have integrated our SAAS with PayPal and Stripe. All successful integration is only used to enable payment transactions between our customers and their clients. We do not receive payments on behalf of our customers, instead the payments are sent from the clients to our customers.

GoTo Meeting

We also allow our customers to automatically schedule meetings with their GoTo Meeting accounts on successful appointment confirmations. Only confirmed appointment meetings are scheduled.


Our privacy policy/terms of service tells you how we use your personal information collected on this application, we encourage you to read it before using our application, because by using this SAAS it is assumed that you have accepted the terms of use stated here.


Please note that the privacy policy stated in this website is only for SortedTime. There may be links to other websites. We are not responsible for the privacy policy of any website that linked here. We also provide third party service integration with our application and as such this privacy policy does not cover the usage of your data in those integrated services.

Tracking and Analytics

SortedTime tracks every visitor that visits our website by storing the websites and search terms that brought them to our website. We do not share these information with third parties. The reason we track our visitors is to help us understand our visitors' behavior while on our website, which will help us to improve our website for better usability.


We occasionally place "cookies" in the browser files of your PC. Note that the cookies do not store personal information, however it aids us in relating the use of this site to the information you voluntarily provided, nevertheless these cookies contain only the information you provided. You may disable your cookies if you want, and you can use this site without your cookies enabled.


All sensitive data exchanged on SortedTime is encrypted/protected under HTTPS protocol. SortedTime is run on a secure data network with standard firewall and modern password protection system, and these are periodically checked for loopholes and improved.

We only accept payments via PayPal and Stripe. With PayPal, our customers and their clients would not expose any details of their financial instrument and with Stripe, we maintain their PCI compliance and as such, any client’s or customer’s credit card information does not get to our server, instead it is securely sent to Stripe from their computers.

Clients Information Access and Protection

All our customers’ clients’ data are secured in our server and are only accessible by only the client and his/her service provider.

We will update this privacy policy/terms of service as the need arises. If you have questions about this privacy policy, please contact us.

Please leave us a message if we don't respond to your chat messages instantly. Be rest assured that we received your messages and will get back to you ASAP.

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